Migration to Shopify

Do you have an existing eCommerce store you want to convert to Shopify? Our team at Shopify Wizards enables you to convert your eCommerce website into an up and running Shopify Store. Our in-house Shopify experts will meticulously migrate your current eCommerce store to Shopify as per your store setup. You migrated Shopify store will be enriched with a user-friendly interface along with with an integrated payment gateway, and unlimited technical solutions.

Responsive Shopify Designs

Shopify Wizards takes pride in creating a responsive Shopify Store, no matter the service. Our Shopify Web builders ensure that each one of our clients receives a smooth, responsive, and an aesthetically-pleasing Shopify Store accustomed to their particular niche. Hire our Shopify Experts and increase the reach of your online store through all the devices.

Payment with Shopify Point Of Sale

The Shopify PoS has succeeded to establish a retail store experience in almost very physical store today. With Shopify, you can sell your products in-person anywhere you go. The upgraded plan manages to let you track your inventory across any retail location. It also includes a feature like Staff PIN and shifts data along with other efficient highlights.

Visually Appealing Online Store

To appeal to the target market, an eCommerce store needs to be engaging. We have created an environment of making the Shopify websites unique and visually appealing. Our Shopify web designers carry the expertise of creating the most aesthetically-pleasing website you require, irrespective of the complexity or the simplistic approach of the site you demand.

Shopify Security

One of the most banked-upon features of Shopify is that it provides free 256-bit SSL Certificate. Shopify works towards ensuring your customers’ data security in order to make your website a reliable eCommerce store.

Get an SEO-friendly Store

Now make your eCommerce platform visible on the Search Result page with Shopify’s Basic SEO-friendly feature. With Shopify web building, your website’s SEO can be easily optimised—enabling you to control the chief SEO standards throughout your site.

Optimum Loading Speed

Shopify is the most talked-about eCommerce platform when it comes to designing and creating online stores for your business. Therefore, we have time and again provided smooth and user-friendly platforms, primarily for eCommerce websites. Hence, the loading speed of your website will also be fast and reliable.

Integration Like Never Before

The top-of-the-line necessity of an eCommerce platform is to be present on all the apps and channels. And, Shopify has just the technical uplifting your store needs. By easily integrating your eCommerce store with numerous social media apps and platforms, you can create a way to boost your sales and increase your store’s online presence.